Our Mission. Our Vision.


The Father’s Show Resource Program is here to strengthen all men as fathers, whether married, single, divorced, or fathers–to-be, with resources that will empower them to be the best dad that they can be.

The Father’s Show Resource Program is a non-profit organization based on Christian values. We are here to educate and empower fathers of all socioeconomic backgrounds across the nation by providing pertinent information in an objective manner through various forms and channels including, but not limited to, syndication of The Father’s Show television program, T.F.S.R.P. website, and other sponsored events. We believe men want to succeed in their societal roles.

The Father’s Show Resource Program allows men to gain the knowledge base that society has failed to engrain. We believe we can empower men to a higher level of success and continue to provide men constructive pathways to knowledge, allowing them to apply their natural ability and energy in a positive manner, especially in regard to their children.

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